Monday, August 6, 2012

Nosework 8/5 and back to levels

I don't have video to show for it, but Reyna searched on leash in harness for food indoors at a brand new location! Her tail was up and moving, she was working the area quickly at a trot often leaning into the line. Her body language was what I used to only get if she had no gear on and was outside looking for her ball. I'm very happy with how her drive is improving!

Since it was our first time at that location I made sure to drop the criteria significantly at first (a lesson I have finally taken to heart thanks to Sue Ailsby's Training Levels). Her first hide I set right in plain view about six feet away and gradually working up to using the entire space and placing hides high, low, in other objects etc. She found every hide and stuck on it even when I moved around her! I'm absolutely thrilled with how she did and can't wait for our next Nosework class on Saturday!

Speaking of levels, it's time to get back to work on those. Since it's been so long we'll start over with level one and two to remind her if she's forgotten any of it and then on to level three!!!