Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Plans for the Spring

Well I have some old puppy videos of Jaune I need to get around to posting so those will be showing up randomly, and also we will be working on some handling training from an online class and some stay training also from an online class both at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. In addition we will be working through some homework assignments from a NW class we took and fell behind in. I hope to enter Reyna in an NW3 in April and maybe finish her Rally Novice maybe, while also getting Jaune his ORTs knocked out as soon as possible and building his competition foundation for rally and obedience.

Also I'll post some canicross videos as soon as our new tripod gets here...it's even more fun with two dogs!!!

That's our plans for the spring and summer, what are yours?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back at long last....

Well the furry baby is 20 months old and the cuter one is 15 months old...

Hard to believe how fast they grow!!...time to get back to training!

Nose work, Obedience and Rally. Time to prep Reyna for NW3 and Jaune for Rally and Obedience. I'll be working through some NW3 prep homework and Obedience fundamentals and levels training with Jaune.  Jaune has absolutely zero foundation, none zilch nada...I've been too busy with work three kids and trying to help my husband from going insane in this circus of a house! They only look peaceful in the picture!