Sunday, April 14, 2013

Levels To Do

So here is where we are at with Level 3:

Zen - still need Step 4, Step 4 ComeAfter, and Step 5. We have been practicing though.

Focus - Done, but it seriously is a foundation behavior so we continue to work it in new and challenging inside the dog park with dogs running around

Sit - Done

Down - Done

Lazy Leash - this was our 1,000 treat challenge goal. We are still working on steps 4 and 5, she is really getting there.

Retrieve - need to go back and retest...we had it but its been awhile

Target - missing step 4. She is having a hard time figuring out the physical aspect. We have been adding in balance and strength building tricks and that is helping

Crate - Done, but we still take advantage of every new crate we can

Relax - we have steps 4 and 5 done, but haven't started 1-3

Distance - Done

Jump - Done

Go to Mat - haven't officially started, but we do play a fun game when guests come over where the guest stands between me and her mat and I call her to come C/T and then send her to her mat, so she has to run back and forth past a strange person.

Handling - haven't started, this one intimidates me

Communication - haven't started

Homework - waiting until I finish the rest

So there you go, that's our starting point. Handling will be the hardest. I may have to try some Relaxation Protocol for that one. I want to see how far I can get by June 1, but I m starting to learn that training isn't race. I am really enjoying the ride  :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

To Do List

Summer is coming fast and that means summer camps...and that means training time is about to be non existent. Time to stop goofing off and decide what I want to accomplish this summer and set out a training plan, otherwise I will totally lose track of where we are going.

Goal 1 - pass level three of the training levels
     I plan to use pattern games and crates games to help with this
     I need to pull my training spreadsheets back out so I can track where I am on each item
     I need to really focus on the spirit of the levels and not just do the bare minimum

Goal 2 - teach Reyna to walk confidently on the treadmill
      Aha! You didn't know about this one did you?
      I have been secretly training scaredy dog Reyna to walk on the treadmill.
      This is harder than you might think with a dog who is afraid of movement
      Before Reyna I would have just thrown the dog on the treadmill, turned it on and waited for them to get over it
       This is called flooding and is NOT the best way to get a happy confident dog
       We have been working on it every few day and she is up to the point where she will walk with her two front feet on the treadmill but when she jumps on with all four feet she forgets how to walk and falls off the back.
        Just the fact that falling off doesn't freak her out is pretty incredible!!!
       I also train her without her collar on because it forces me to make it her choice
       If she was wearing her collar I don't know if I could resist the temptation to "help" her stay on the treadmill

So that's it. Those are our goals. I am letting go of everything else...competitive obedience, Nosework, everything, until we meet those goals.

What about you? What are you doing this summer?