Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stay and Handling Class

We are signed up for two classes with the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy at the bronze level so I'll be tracking progress here so I can keep up.

The handling class (Cooperative Canine Care) is so I can get better at Jaune's and Reyna grooming and handling. Reyna tolerates just about anything because she is so submissive, but Jaune is quick to tell you how he feels about things, and is very touchy about his ticklish feet. We have worked with him his whole life but he's still not a fan. And even though Reyna tolerates it I feel like she deserves some training too in order to reduce stress especially as she is now middle aged and could start seeing more of the vet as she ages.

Here is Jaune's baseline video. As you can tell from his body language feet and tail are the worst. He is better about being handled lying down since that's how we've always done most of our grooming, but for vet examines he will need to be comfortable standing up so that's what we'll be working on.

The other class we are starting is Sensational Stays. Both are dovetailing well this first week with lots of self control exercises and cuing when the dog should stay in place and I will bring the treat to him and when he should move to get the treat.

It was a bit jumbled at first, but by the second session Jaune and I are both getting better at "Good" - Stay put and I'll bring the treat to you, "Yes" - Come get the treat, "Get It" - Get the treat from out there somewhere. It was more difficult than I originally anticipated at first but we are starting to get the hang of it. Reyna is actually struggling more than I thought, but I've been taking Jaune with me on errands the past few days and she tends to get cranky and jealous when I do that.

No vids from those classes yet, so to tide you over, here is David's first attempt at helping me video. These were blind hides and I didn't know how many were out there. They weren't supposed to be but David forgot where he put them and how many he put out!