Monday, July 30, 2012

Nosework Update

Here is an update using our formula from before to increase Reyna's comfort level searching in harness in and around boxes....This is her first time with boxes all the way closed...I didn't get it on camera, but one search I put the box with food in it on the ground and piled all the others on top of and around it. She pushed and pawed all the other boxes away until she had the correct one isolated and then stuck her paw on it and looked at me! I was super proud of her since three weeks ago she wouldn't pick her ball up out of a box let alone push one off a pile :)

As you can see she is still nervous about things that move. When the bike shifts she avoids that search area for a little while.

We don't have class for a couple more weeks so hopefully we aren't doing anything terribly wrong.

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