Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1,000 Treat Challenge Day 2

Well I have stopped counting treats for the challenge. I'll just know that when I am done with the bag I am halfway there, and then I'll count out the other 500. We started off day two testing step 2 of Lazy Leash Level 3. Reyna did not pass step 2 the first time out so below is our training session. Except to cut dead time this is our whole session.

I did not refresh my memory of Sue's directions for this step, and I did not start with a plan in mind. You can definitely see that in the first part, Reyna is fairly confused by the whole thing and I am not very clear with how I wanted to approach it. Also notice that when Reyna hits the end of the leash she licks her nose...she REALLY wants that ball. But when it is her choice to turn away from it there is no lip licking.

When I follow Sue's instructions and click her when she turns with me we progress much faster. Also I switched to a verbal marker and made the food more of an event and less just stuffing a treat in her mouth. All of that seems to improve the session overall. Reyna still manages to snatch the ball once, and comes close a second time. And you can also tell that while Reyna is being a really good sport through the whole process, her main focus is always the ball. Even when she is looking at me it's only to say..."if I do this can I have the ball?"I love that at the end she doesn't fetch it, she just takes off ...silly can't throw it by yourself :)

So for the next session we will lower the distraction a little bit to make it easier for her until she understands the pattern better, and then add the ball back in as a distraction. 

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