Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reyna update

In case you were wondering what we have been up to....

Levels - still working on lazy leash Level 3. We have passed step two, but I am spending a lot of time on the comeafters because self control is very difficult for Reyna.

CGC - the levels work above is helping with our goal of Reyna earning her CGC before too long. She  is getting better but just gets so excited when she sees people and dogs that she knows

Crate games - We have done some work lately using her mat where I ask her run between me and the mat with somebody she would REALLY like to say hi to standing between us. That has been a lot of fun and is really helping her focus and self control.

Trkman tricks - loving these. I need to watch the video again, but Reyna is doing awesome at the four paws in her food bowl and that is a lot of fun. Plus she is actually catching on to sitting up much quicker than I thought. We don't have much if any duration on either of those but just the fact that she is learning to get herself into hose positions is awesome. Two on two off is going slower only because I don't have a good raised surface to give Reyna a clear definition so we are using a carpet square. That is just a difficult point to start at, so I may put that on hold for now until I find something better to work with. Balancing on a ball with two feet while walking with her back feet is out right now for lack of a good ball, so we substituted the office chair and she stands on it with her front feet and walks around...not bad for a dog who is afraid of things that move!!

Rally/Obedience - just working on engagement in more and more distracting spaces. I have been going to the dog park and using the small dog side if there is nobody there to practice having her focus on me while other dogs play. Yesterday we actually got some short working spurts inside the regular dog area with other dogs around!! Way to go puppy!!! It was a great day where the park had four dogs in it all with very watchful owners and no toy drive dogs. If I am ever playing in a situation I always move us to a corner where I can see the other dogs. Depending on the other dogs I can either  body block as they come up or have Reyna out the toy so she does not become a target. By doing this Reyna's confidence in tugging with other dogs around has shot through the roof compared to where it was, because she doesn't worry about being mugged while she's playing with me.

Nosework - we haven't done anything! I need to order some Anise.

I felt like we have just been playing around and having fun without really going anywhere, but now that I write this out we are actually making small steps towards all our goals...very exciting! And I have to say we are both having a blast. It feels so good when I take her out and about to have people comment on how focused and well behaved and "wow she's only 3?" Instead of "wow she still has a lot of puppy in her" which is code for " your dog is crazy". The other day we were at Lowes and I had a small crowd talking to me with my arms full of treats, toy, leash, purse, and items I was actually buying. I started to walk off and dropped one of the items. A lady started to reach for it, but before she could and with no cue Reyna picked it up and handed it to me....awwws abounded :) Thanks Sue for the levels retrieve!!

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