Sunday, April 14, 2013

Levels To Do

So here is where we are at with Level 3:

Zen - still need Step 4, Step 4 ComeAfter, and Step 5. We have been practicing though.

Focus - Done, but it seriously is a foundation behavior so we continue to work it in new and challenging inside the dog park with dogs running around

Sit - Done

Down - Done

Lazy Leash - this was our 1,000 treat challenge goal. We are still working on steps 4 and 5, she is really getting there.

Retrieve - need to go back and retest...we had it but its been awhile

Target - missing step 4. She is having a hard time figuring out the physical aspect. We have been adding in balance and strength building tricks and that is helping

Crate - Done, but we still take advantage of every new crate we can

Relax - we have steps 4 and 5 done, but haven't started 1-3

Distance - Done

Jump - Done

Go to Mat - haven't officially started, but we do play a fun game when guests come over where the guest stands between me and her mat and I call her to come C/T and then send her to her mat, so she has to run back and forth past a strange person.

Handling - haven't started, this one intimidates me

Communication - haven't started

Homework - waiting until I finish the rest

So there you go, that's our starting point. Handling will be the hardest. I may have to try some Relaxation Protocol for that one. I want to see how far I can get by June 1, but I m starting to learn that training isn't race. I am really enjoying the ride  :)

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