Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nose Work - Introducing Anise

Here is our first set of hides with Anise. We will be going back and doing LOTS of short easy hides and pairing with Birch, but I just wanted to see from a curiosity standpoint how quickly Anise became important to her. 

Near the end of the session I did a two hide search, one with birch and one with anise. She found birch first only because it was closer, and then immediately and confidently alerted on the anise. 

We are still working on our levels check list but I just stand a break from Nose Work for more than a couple weeks!!

1 comment:

  1. Reyna's such a thorough searcher! She's doing great so far. Elli is such a whirlwind of movement when we do nosework; I can't decide which I prefer, haha.

    I totally know exactly what you mean - Short break after our trial, and now all I want to do is start pairing Birch and Anise. Unfortunately, I also really want to get an off-leash indication. Interior (at the trial) was really difficult on-leash. Which to do first... ha.