Monday, January 20, 2014

Jacy Kelley Workshop

We had the supreme privilege of attending a Jacy Kelley workshop this weekend. I am exhausted but we learned a ton!! We only managed to get a couple searches taped but here they are....

She does well with the first hide, covers the area well, and doesn't care that there is a suitcase off to one side. A lot of dogs got caught up searching the suitcase before finally sourcing the hide. The second hide it felt like it took her forever to make a decision, but looking at the video it actually wasn't too bad.

The first box is full of toys the second box is full of all our left over lunches, the third is empty and the fourth is odor. She checks the distraction boxes, but moves on quickly.

Containers take 2:
I really try to stay out of the middle because I'll invariably block odor. It pays off as she sources both fairly quickly. And is so tickled she runs her head into the pole!

I learned several things in this search. First I need to work on my footwork, while I did stay out of the middle of the containers I was tripping all over myself on the corner with the distractor bag and in a trial I may have called her back to recheck that one encouraging interest in it. Also I should have rewarded the first bag the second she whipped back to it instead of waiting for commitment, I'm really bad about that with containers. Also Jacy mentioned that moving in with a toy instead of throwing it will deteriorate her alert quickly. I have already seen that so I just need to work more on throwing it. Again containers are the ones I have the most issues with on reward delivery. Between poor timing and poor reward delivery it's no wonder containers are our worst element right now.

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