Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reyna & Jaune

I can't believe we've had Jaune for two weeks now!

He is pretty well integrated into our life now, it is definitely more work to manage everybody, but here is an adult dog/puppy update...

Reyna and Jaune still require a lot of management. They are very comfortable with each other at this point and Jaune is VERY confident! Jaune is also still learning that inside is for being calm and outside is for play, so while they can be outside together now we still limit their indoor together time to periods when one adult can focus 100% on the dogs. Their outdoor time is also still monitored heavily and we are quick to call them out of a play session for a quick break if they get too rough. Jaune's confidence has grown faster than his body, and we can't risk too much rough housing right now, they will be plenty of time for wrestling as he gets bigger.

Here is a video from some of their first outdoor times off leash the first is about 4 days in and the second is about a week after he arrived. I like the shared space without obsessing over each other, also Reyna's quiet soft play in the second video, you can barely hear them.

A few days later Jaune got more intense and Reyna responded with more energy so now we break it up every minute or so with a recall, a sit from both dogs and a few deep breaths. This keeps the arousal levels in check and promotes chasing games instead of body slams. It also helps Jaune learn an off switch, a recall, and to pay attention even in an aroused state, all good foundations!

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