Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holy Sit!

Reyna has a 30 second sit on the wood floor!

It took a couple weeks to get her up to 20 seconds and then all of a sudden she shot up to 30 seconds with no problems. I tested it, I tested the comeafter, I turned the page to see what exciting thing was coming next....1 minute sit...UGH!

Now I know why Reyna dislikes duration behaviors, it probably has something to do with the fact the I dislike duration behaviors...they are BORING. But they're also very important and working on them is helping Reyna's ability to deal with less feedback from me. She has much more faith in the system now and honestly so do I.

So we jumped right in and started working 1 minute sit stays. It took her two days to build all the way to 1 minute on the wood floor...WHAT?!? two weeks to get to 30 seconds and two days to get to 1 minute???

That's Reyna for you.

We're not ready to pass the test yet as it still takes a couple shorter stays to get her in the mindset before she's ready for a longer one.

In the meantime we are working LL also just to mix things up. To start with I asked her to sit and then reached to put the leash on, she stood up....hmm...maybe LL just morphed into sit stay practice after all. Sit, move leash one inch treat, two inches treat, three inches...she stood up, chute back to start...

Looks like despite my best efforts I am actually learning something....that sneaky Sue Ailsby!!!

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  1. Your post title is cracking me up, LOL!

    Love reading about your journey through Sue's Steps with Reyna, keep on writing!