Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting it vs Got it

Holy shuffling feet...I wish I had the New Levels books when Reyna was a puppy. We are STILL on Level 2 Step 2 Sit. I could ask her to stay while I ran away from her with problem...but to sit for 30 whole seconds? Well that's just unheard of! This is harder for her to grasp than the 1 minute down because at least for that one she had a history of remaining in a down for long periods of time with Relaxation Protocol.

We just keep chuting back to 1 second. We are making progress though, she is up to 15 seconds on the wood floor and 25 seconds on carpet. She no longer shuffles her feet on the carpet and her sits there are much prettier. She is super lazy on the wood floor though,  I know she can sit without sliding because she does it while we eat dinner, but if I ask her to sit she immediately starts sliding backwards and her feet follow. It is getting better though, and I took the cue off for now....we are up to 15 seconds without sliding but progress is VERY slow.

On the upside all that work with did with down/stay is really paying off. It took about two weeks to get her to stay down for 1 minute, but only two days to have her stay down for 1 minute while I went and got my shoes and put them on. Then we didn't work it for about a week and the other morning I was going to take her for a walk, I cued down, it took me two minutes to put my shoes on (I hadn't had coffee yet) then I got up, walked over to her touched her collar and then released her. And last night I was tired of working sit so I asked for a down in a different room, walked through the bathroom into the next room, stood where she could see me, counted to 1 minute, returned, yes/treat.

So as frustrating as this whole stupid sit thing is right now I know once she's got it she's really really got it. And if she doesn't I'll slow down and remind her.

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