Sunday, April 15, 2012

2x2 Weave Poles ~ $19

I have faced a major hurdle in Reyna's weave training...I don't have any weave poles. Until NOW!

After looking around and price comparing I couldn't find anything that I could afford. I was actually looking up plans to try and make single stake-in-the-ground weave poles which took me to this website where I stumbled across these

Those looked super simple to make, but they required that dadgum 4 way elbow that I would have to order. Then it struck me...I jotted down some notes, drew it out, ran to Home Depot and voila...2 hours (including shopping time) and about $19 later I had this...

Luring is just for the photo op I promise

A set of 6 (one off camera) 2x2 weave poles!!!

The braces are 18" which may prove to be over kill, but I worried about Reyna knocking them over and it's way easier to trim shorter than it is to glue back together :)

It took four 10' SCH40 3/4" PVC pipes chopped up like this...

1 = 3 36" weave poles (12" leftover)
1 = 3 36" weave poles (12"left over)
1 = 6 18" braces (12" left over)
1= 3 20" center spacer bars (60" left over)

Then you just get 12 end caps, 6 3/4" 3 way elbows (I couldn't find what I wanted so I had to go with a 3 way elbow that had two 3/4" slip openings and one 1/2" threaded opening and then get an adapter to screw into the threaded section)

Put it all together...the adapter part facing up to slip the weave poles into and TA DA! a 6 pole set of 2x2 weave poles for under $20!!!



  1. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    I love the plans - currently shopping for 2x2 system.
    Have you cut the PVC pipe yourself?

    1. Okay follow up...posted the video

      I think it would be better for the feet to be shorter and staked down with those U shaped garden stake things so they didn't get bumped around so much, but it's working for us right now, I definitely love how lightweight and easy to move around they are. I also didn't glue any of my joints (fear of commitment I guess) so I check to make sure they're not coming loose from time to time. I can take close up pictures of the joints if you want.

  2. I have cut PVC before for my jumps, it's not hard unless you have a two year old and one year old "helping", but the awesome guys at Home Depot cut these...I'm going try and get video of the final product today and get it posted...Reyna is weaving 6 straight poles!