Thursday, April 5, 2012

Right on target

Had our first private agility lesson last Saturday!! It was AWESOME!! We worked basic foundation stuff, attention, walking on a board, and then also foundation jumping skills from the Mecklenburg handling system, driving to a target as a base for contacts AND the very first steps of Susan Garret's 2x2 weave training.

If that sounds like we covered a lot for one lesson it's because we did! I really enjoyed the instructor, and I learned a ton!!!

One of the big takeaways from the lesson for me was that I need to be way more present with Reyna. I was marking and feeding her for calm behavior, but the instructor pointed out that I really wasn't interacting with her. I started being actually THERE with her and suddenly her stress level dropped , her focus went way up and we had a blast!

Great experience overall, super pleased with the instructor, the environment, and well...everything!

We have a ton of homework to do before we go back again. Yesterday I was working on her driving to a target, I think I'm getting the drive I want, but it's a little tough to tell. Or at least it was until I called it a day set the target On a hedge so we could just play and Reyna tried to climb the hedge to get to the target! I think I would call that enthusiasm :)

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