Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nosework Video

I finally got a video of some Nose Work practice...

The first hide cracked me up, I placed one in the truck, and one in the yard planning to do the yard first, but I guess the wind had other ideas, because Reyna got a whiff of that hide and wouldn't leave until I opened the gate so she could search the truck HaHa!

The second hide I planned to be extra hard. I have never hidden one in that area and almost all her hides are on the near side of the yard...imagine my surprise when she make a beeline for it and leaves me in the dust. You can really see how much fun she's having 'cause her tail is curled almost all the way over her back!!

The third hide was one of my favorites because we have been using the drawers to improve her drive to remain at the source even when I'm not there, and we've been working on her focused response, she really displays both her as she confidently alerts and waits for me to come around. She breaks for a second to look at me, but goes right back to it without a cue. I could have thrown the ball from behind to encourage her independence, but I wanted to make sure she was right on the source.

The fourth was a joke, I swear she cheated somehow.

The fifth was fun because we had just done two in the yard and I sort of expected her to bolt for the yard, but she found it in no time on the van!

We are having a blast!!!!

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