Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toddlers and dogs

Talk to any rescue and they will tell you puppies and babies don't mix. I can't blame them, I can only imagine the issues they see on a regular basis. That being said I wouldn't trade the world for our three crazy kids. David is 3, Reyna is 2, and Penelope is 1. We are gluttons for stress I suppose :) It honestly is like having three children 3 years old and under, that is the amount of time and heart that goes in to keeping everybody safe, meeting all their needs, and trying to teach each individual (two legged and four) to respect the rights and space of the others. Not to mention the colossal amount of poo we have dealt with in the last three years.

But then there are the proud moments...

About a year ago I posted a video of David and Reyna playing the Treat Game...100% David's invention...

Now a year later I am pleased to present the sequel...starring our own little P...

I am so proud that they are learning from each other :)

Don't get me wrong it is not all sunshine and roses. Like when Penelope decides the best seat in the house is Reyna's head, or Reyna thinks the best way to relieve stress from David being at Preschool is to eat his favorite book and I have to make a next day delivery order from Amazon. Or how Reyna used to mug David for his crackers, or Penelope decided try out Reyna's favorite chew toy for herself. And it absolutely drives me crazy that Reyna thinks the best time to do a full body, collar rattling, ear flapping, shake is right after I lay the baby down for a nap.

Potty training was a whole other story in itself. First trying to keep David out of Reyna's messes and later that year Reyna out of Davids, and why is it that the Poo Pen section of the yard seems to have magnetic appeal for toddlers? Then they smile, or cuddle or make up The Treat Game and I can't help but beam.

Knowing what I know now would I do it again? a heart beat...three actually.

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