Saturday, June 8, 2013

Heeling Games

We have signed up for Denise Fenzi's Heeling Games class at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. We received a bronze level scholarship and WOW what a class!!!

Here is our baseline video before our first lesson:

Around :53 I want her to ignore the toy and stay engaged with me - Fail

At 1:15 on the third failure even with increased pressure I gave it up and decided to doodle our way back. Lesson learned from watching this video is that immediately outing and retrying when she brings back the toy does nothing to discourage her enthusiasm to chase the toy, but it definitely teaches her not to bring it right back.

1:40 - lots of forging and crabbing, I didn't realize until watching the video that it was because of the toy swinging in my right hand

2:06 - trying to correct forging and crabbing with left hand turns

2:10 - Finally get one smooth step in the pivot

2:58 - Ready to start working our way back to the goal from :53

3:12 - Stepped on the tug to remind her they were not available

3:20 - Good committed movement away from the toys - Race back

3:38-  added in a short low energy toss

5:08 - Original exercise - Success!!!!

Next up, horizontal movement games...

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