Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Release to movement - Heeling

Okay first part of our heeling work...

Reyna already had a strong "go round" so I just worked it into heeling. It's definitely a lot of fun. We lack precision for sure so I need to work more on that, but her attitude is good.

I also need to turn right instead of left when she comes in to avoid killing the momentum.

0:00-0:28 - reinforcing the awesomeness of going around an object

0:29 - naughty puppy

0:42-1:05 - demonstrating how much more fun it is to play with me than to tear up a toy on her own

1:28 - still not stellar but much improved front the first time

1:51 - first ever "heel to fly"

2:10 - that took some brain power :)

2:52 - okay...I loved that!!!

3:17 - now she's getting it!

We are having a blast!

There is so much material in this class it's amazing! I recommend you check it out...

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