Friday, December 30, 2011

10 ways I use "Go to Mat"

Along with "Sit when you want something" this is my all time favorite behavior to use and to train. So here are just a few of the uses in no particular order...

1. To keep Reyna away from the door when I'm leaving
2. When I'm cooking
3. During Relaxation Protocol
4. When I need to make notes during training
5. When Reyna is getting confused in a training session
6. When I am getting confused in a training session
7. When I want to use the hedge trimmers and I don't want to put her inside or trim HER
8. To develop an "off switch" during play
9. To signify a change in activity, criteria, whatever
10. When I'm in the middle of a training session, I don't want to leave her hanging, but I need to address a toddler trying to wake up his baby sister.

There are so many more but those were the first that came to mind since I used them all yesterday.

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