Friday, December 16, 2011

High heels are relaxing

Have you ever noticed how our dogs go nuts when we get the leash out or put our tennis shoes on? Reyna is notorious, she can actually hear us putting socks on, I hide in the closet!

Something else I have noticed recently though is that when I am leaving to go to work Reyna never bothers me, never tries to run out the door, in fact when I'm leaving she is usually on her bed and if I need to take her out before I go I have to coax her over. I started paying attention to the signals I was sending that would tell her I was leaving for work and thus not taking her.

Turns out it's the high heels. She would be pacing around or waiting by the door while I got ready but as soon as she heard my heels clack on the wood floor she went into her crate or chilled out on her bed! It makes perfect sense now that I think about it....I NEVER take her with me when I'm wearing heels, and over the last few months it has become a cue to relax and go lie down.

I wonder if over time she will also learn the difference between my black sweat pants and my black dress pants...I wouldn't put it past her!

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