Monday, December 19, 2011

New Training Levels!

I am very excited! Sue Ailsby's NEW training levels just got here. We have been working the old levels for right at two weeks now and are SO close to passing all the Level 2 behaviors. With our new found rule structure for lessons things are motoring right along. Delivering a plastic fork to a basket is the "trick" we've been working on with the idea being it will make the official retrieve easier and she is doing so well holding the fork I introduced the basket (okay it's really a tupperware container but I couldn't find a basket) today just marking for picking up the fork with the "basket" in the general area.

The new books have taken the 7 old levels and have revamped to 4 total levels with what I feel like is a broader base for foundation behaviors and less of an emphasis on "sport" related behaviors. I plan to start back over with the new levels tomorrow to make sure we don't have any gaps in the beginning behaviors, hopefully alot of the very beginning work it should be fairly quick, but I'm sure we'll find gaps...we usually do.

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