Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Just a few notes...

Her one minute down while I put on my shoes went much faster than I thought...worked on it in two training sessions and then tested it cold yesterday morning - pass! In fact she flew through the rest of L2 Down last night...even a comeafter of  "down while I walk 20' behind her, stay for 1 minute, and return" she had her head twisted the whole time to watch me, but didn't shift her position!

The "retrieve" continues its usefulness as 2 year old David gave her a pack of gum he had found and she trotted right over and handed it to me with no cue.

I love Leslie McDevitt's new Pattern Games DVD and so does Reyna...it has added even more tools to pull from for dealing with her reactivity.

On a related note, I'm starting to see how reactivity might one day become a thing of the past, don't get me wrong we have a long way to go, but every time I put her into challenging situations she proves more and more that she is slowly turning from a reactive-anxious dog to a generally excitable dog.

Her food drive has improved beyond belief now that her stress levels are coming down. I used to have to do a full session of RP before each meal to get her settled enough to eat, she'd go days without eating otherwise. Now she works for kibble even in the face of triggers.

The online rally class is going well, before we started her left side heel was super sloppy and her right side was pretty sharp, now they've flip flopped. I do need to spend more time working on a perch to keep her inside pivots improving and she needs a lot of work on duration on both sides. I need to write out a plan, be more specific with my criteria, and do a 5 mark max on it for a little while.

Her excitability when people are playing in the yard definitely needs work....time for "kids playing with a soccer ball zen"

That's all for now!

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