Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clinton Reserve

We have had a couple of wonderful days over the last weeks showing how far Reyna has come in her reactivity towards other dogs!

Sunday before last we headed out to Clinton Reserve to meet a dog trainers casual group. As we pulled up I had this moment of "what did we sign up for" as I pictured Reyna barking and lunging from 60' away. I took a deep breath and decided we were going to go through with this and I would not feel pressured to push her limits.

As the group walked up I shouted "just ignore the dog" and everybody did!!! What a wonderful group of people. We gradually circled our way into the group until we were standing just a few feet from everyone and while they worked sit and down stays I just treated Reyna for being calm and walked around as necessary.

During the rest of the afternoon Reyna was able function in the group like a "normal" albeit excitable dog, and even worked on off leash stays, circling games, eye contact, short heel spurts and a rousing game of tug, all in and around the group of dogs and never once reacting!!!

1) I LOVE this group
2) I am so SO proud of how far Reyna has come!

I'll write about this past weekends outing later, it's even better if you can believe that!

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