Monday, January 30, 2012

Handing and new Heights

Busy weekend...the Reyna related highlights are...

It's hard to remember back when I thought Reyna service retrieving was a thing of dreams. We were cleaning the house today and I had the baby in the backpack, it's incredibly convenient, but it makes it very difficult to pick things up off the floor. Never fear...Reyna is here!!! Here a list of just some of the things she picked up and handed to me on cue...

-Dish cloth
-Burp cloth
-David's hat
-Penelope's rattle - she balked once because she didn't know it would make noise but quickly recovered and confidently handed it to me the second time
-Small flash light
-Piece of scrunched up foil
-Hair band
-Metal spoon
-Piece of junk mail
and my absolute favorite...
-A business card that was laying flat on the wood floor...delivered in perfect teeth marks!

Hard to believe two months ago I was just asking her to nose target a fork!!!

In other news this weekend...

I built two bar jumps! It took a couple trips to Lowes and a long afternoon cutting PVC, but well worth it! About 10 months ago, while we were taking an intro agility class I taught Reyna to go around jump uprights inspired by the work we were doing in class and Sylvia Trkman's Cik & Cap demo videos...didn't actually buy the dvd, but probably will...or not...haven't decided. Aaaanyway our "jump uprights" were a pair of logs stood on end and we worked on her wrapping tight and wrapping the cued direction.

So now nearly a year later I actually have a jump. Given that it has been so long and that actual jump uprights look nothing like logs I started from scratch to shape the behavior like a good trainer would...


I asked her for the full behavior running toward the jump and cueing the wrap from about three feet away...she targeted the correct pole, went around the correct way, and came flying out of her turn so fast she tore up grass!!! I'm spoiled day I'm going to have a dog that doesn't generalize as well, and then where will I be?

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