Friday, January 6, 2012

We passed Level 1!!!

WAHOO we have officially passed Level 1 of Sue's new training levels! Most of the behaviors were ones that Reyna probably could have tested through right away, but I really wanted to start from scratch and work on reteaching all her behaviors in the new session structure we have worked out.

I am super excited with Reyna's progress, not just in her behaviors, but in her attention span, since we started the new session structure a month ago her ability to focus has gone through the roof. I can actually do 6-10 reps of something now. I still need to give her a short Go To Mat break before I up criteria and even if I'm just reloading my treat pocket or jotting down a quick note. She definitely needs structured breaks, if the kiddo walks in I have to have the courtesy to tell her we are taking a break and send her into a down stay before I address him. It makes sense....I don't want her checking out for a even a nano second on a whim, why should I?

In other exciting news I have joined an online Rally class. We are just auditing, but I do plan to post some of the videos here as we work on each weeks assignments, if I ever get around to video taping anything that is.

Oh I almost forgot, Reyna now carries the fork up to 3' to drop it in the bucket!! Apparently she didn't fully understand it was about the bucket though because I started switching places so that the fork was closer and she had to turn away from me to get to the bucket, she picked up the fork shoved it in my face, when I didn't take it or produce a bucket for her she slapped me with her paw and spat it at me! I burst out laughing, she picked the fork back up turned and dropped it in the bucket with a huff, we ended on that note with the rest of her dinner as a reward :) I LOVE this dog!!!

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