Thursday, January 12, 2012

The littlest trainer :)

I've been working intermittently with our 2.5yr old son on the training levels. I wasn't really sure how well the lessons were sinking in until last night...

He finished most of his dinner and was wandering around with a piece of toast, Reyna walks up to investigate...

David: Tears off a small piece of toast, holds it in his fist and sticks it out to Reyna..."yeeb it"
Reyna: Turns her head
David: "okay" drops bread onto the floor
Reyna: eats it
David: tears off another small piece of bread puts it in his fist and holds it out to her again..."yeeb it"
Reyna: backs up
David "okay" drops bread on the floor
Reyna: eats it
David: Holds last piece of his toast and this time waves his hand at her..."back up" (both the correct hand signal and verbal cue for Reyna to back)
Reyna: hesitates for a second...then backs up
David: "okay" and tosses the last bit of bread to her
Me (who has been watching breathlessly from the doorway): WAHOO!!!! flings David in the air "you're the most amazing child I have EVER met!!!!!!!"

I am the proudest mama in all the world!!!!

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